Is stress affecting your sex life? What to do about it | The Times of India

Timely recognition and intervention can help in lowering your stress. A lot of people take too much stress on an everyday basis, failing to recognize that this may not be healthy for their mind and body, including their sex life.

Practicing de-stressing activities regularly, such as yoga, exercising, getting a massage, taking a long bath, blowing out your favourite music etc., can help in reducing stress. While many people find engaging in social activities a great way to blow off some steam, make sure you also take out the much-needed me time wherein you do not focus on being productive, just take care of yourselves and spend time in your own company, without distractions like social media.

Spending intimate time with your partner can also reduce stress. Intimacy promotes feelings of closeness, attachment, comfort, safety, and calmness – all which can immediately bust your stress.

If your stress is too high or unmanageable, make sure you seek help from your doctor or a mental health counselor.

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