Men! THESE signs in the bedroom can indicate a bigger health problem | The Times of India

Just as we discuss cardiovascular health problems, diabetes and other day to day ailments, we should also be aware and more vocal about intimate health issues.

Sexual health is an integral part of our overall well-being. Men or women must not feel embarrassed or shy to talk about problems that not only hinder their sex life, but also pose great risk to their health.

Statistically, men may be less open to discussing sexual health problems or visiting doctors for regular check ups. This is because most sexual or reproductive problems associated with men are linked to erectile dysfunction or infertility – two of the many things society has come to associate with ‘masculinity’.

However, it is important to look beyond these societal norms and constructs and focus more on one’s own wellness. That said, here are some of the signs that could hint at a bigger problem and men should be alert about them.

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