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NEW DELHI: Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for imposing cost on countries which support terrorism, foreign minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said the continued tendency of some nations to use terrorism as a tool of statecraft and willingness of others to justify and obfuscate that was among the causes of the growing scope, scale and intensity of terrorist threat.
Addressing the ‘No Money For Terror’ conference, while he didn’t name China or Pakistan, Jaishankar said it’s important that all states collectively followed an undifferentiated and undiluted approach to terrorism. “Terror is terror and no political spin can ever justify it,” he said. China has repeatedly blocked designation by UN of Pakistan-based commanders of terror groups as ‘global terrorist’.

“World needs to rise above political divides to address this peril. The battle against terrorism must be fought resolutely on all fronts, in all situations and at all places,” he added.
Jaishankar said the NMFT platform aims to broad base the big fight against terror financing. “When it comes to terrorism, we’ll never look away, we’ll never compromise and we’ll never give up on our quest to ensure justice,” he said, adding fake charities and fake non-profit organisation have become frequent sources of terror financing and that it is important to be on guard against such entities and their operations.

He also called for preventing supply of all types of arms and related material to terrorists and providing full cooperation to the states where or against whose citizens terrorist acts are committed. “India, along with like-minded partners, will remain committed and energetic to highlight the existential threats that terrorism poses to global security and stability. We’ll shine the spotlight on this peril — and all those involved in nurturing and furthering it,” he added.
The foreign minister said India, under its Presidency of the UN security council, will organise a briefing on ‘Threats to International Peace and Security caused by Terrorist Acts: Global Approach to Counter Terrorism — Challenges and Way Forward’ on December 15’.
Jaishankar said the terror threat has increased as terrorists tend to access advancements in technology more readily than law enforcement and security systems. He cited resurgence of radical ideologies and their more seamless spread, along with motivational messages, inter-penetration and inter-dependence of globalisation that opens up new vulnerabilities, including in financial transactions, as the reasons for growing scale and intensity of terror threats in recent years.

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