Woman weighing 114 kg loses whopping 62 kgs after getting stuck on a slide in front of her son | The Times of India

(Image source: Instagram/sculptingsara)

Sara Lockett, 25, weighed 114 kgs, mostly owing to health issues and unhealthy food preferences. But there was probably no wake-up call to switch to a healthier lifestyle and lose that excessive weight, until one day she had an embarrassing incident in front of her son.

“One time my son was too scared to go down the slide on his own and wanted us to go on together. So, I tried to go on with him, and when the slide took a turn, I got stuck and couldn’t go down any further. My husband had to come over and pull me out. That moment is burned into my memory. I knew I had to try something else to get my life back,” she told Caters News.

Read on to know more about her incredible journey from a very unhealthy diet and lifestyle to the transformation that made her healthier and happier.

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