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NARASAPURAM: Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday dubbed the leader of opposition and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu a jilted power lover and alleged the latter was threatening people by saying that the 2024 election would be his last if not elected to power.
“Sometimes, we see some people climb a cell phone tower and threaten to jump off. Some others threaten to put their head under a train while there are those who threaten to consume pesticide. In the same order, comes this jilted power lover Chandrababu Naidu who keeps threatening the people of the state,” Jagan Reddy said, referring to the Telugu Desam Party chief’s comments made last week.
“If I have to go (back) to the assembly, if I have to stay in politics and if justice is to be done to Andhra Pradesh…unless you ensure our victory in the next election…that could well be my last election,” Naidu had said in Kurnool district.
Addressing a public meeting after launching several developmental projects, the chief minister referred to his predecessor’s remarks and observed that despondency and desperation were glaring in Chandrababu’s tone.
“People of the state said, ‘bye, bye to Babu’ in 2019 and blessed us. In every subsequent election – be it a byelection or elections to local bodies – the TDP was routed, so much so that the YSR Congress won the local bodies in Kuppam (Chandrababu’s Assembly constituency) as well,” Jagan said.
The YSRC chief noted that Chandrababu was being haunted by the fear of losing his Kuppam seat as well in 2024. “This fear is reflected in Chandrababu’s every word and deed. So, he now starts threatening people,” he added.
Jagan took a dig also at the TDP’s latest campaign “Idem Kharma Ee Rashtraniki” (What is this ill-fate to the State), planned to be launched from December 1, against his governance.
“People felt ‘idem kharma ra Babu‘ (what’s this ill-fate) over Chandrababu’s rule and sent him packing in 2019 and said, bye, bye. So, Chandrababu is now sitting with his head in his hands lamenting ‘idem kharma ra Babu’ at himself,” the chief minister remarked.
Jagan appealed to people to take the benefits accrued to them, through his government, as the yardstick. “If you feel something good happened to you and your family, bless me (again) and stand with me,” he said.

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